Master your soul, master your life!

Do you wish to be the Master of your life? Isn’t it that each and every one of us wishes to control our life events? Would it not be so mystic, if we would be “In-charge” of our destinies? However, is it possible to do all this? YES, it surely is possible! But, how?

Do we sit back, hang in there and wait for the magic to happen? Or does this mastery transpire through some supernatural powers?

At COUNSOUL, we believe in your ability to be the captain of your SOUL. This does entail a covert process, enabled by an overt facilitator. The process of self-learning, self- introspection and self-awareness paves the way for every human being to realize one’s true character. This self-realization enables an individual to, think, perceive, feel and behave from a state of consciousness that is under complete harmony with itself. Through our compassionate and empathetic listening skills combined with fundamental counselling techniques we envisage that the inherent potential of every human being to live a life of peaceful self-mastery can be brought to the fore.

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What lessons could you learn from your Scars?

What have you to learn from your scarred experiences in life? In retrospect we may all be able to think of struggles, challenges in our lives related to health, job, finances, relationships. However, every single challenge leaves us with as many lessons as it does with the hurt.


Are we Self-Programmers?

What is our Subconscious made of? Does it influence our current actions? If yes, then how do we know what is in store there? The subconscious mind is a compilation of….. ….Our Habits We are what we repeatedly do! We …