Our Services

Workshops and Seminars

Dr. Aastha Sachdeva has been holding workshops and seminars for school and college students, teachers as well as parents.

Career counseling workshops are organized to enhance the students’ understanding of how to develop a career path for themselves. Networking with University representatives from Indian as well as Foreign Universities is also done to facilitate the process.

Workshops on Motivation, Reflective teaching, Developing critical thinking in students, Communication with students, Sensitivity to Children with Special Needs and many more have been conducted with teachers to enable them to sharpen their own saw.

Workshops on Effective Parenting, Dealing with adolescents, Parenting styles, Behaviour management and the like have been conducted with parents too.

Student workshops are also held regularly to abreast them with knowledge and skills on Stress management, Examination anxiety, Assertiveness training, Enabling a Digital Detox; to strengthen them towards an overall lifestyle management.