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Behavioural Concerns

Is your child throwing increased temper tantrums?

Does he mostly remain annoyed or irritated and displays rebellious outbursts?

Is he turning into an argumentative lad, blames others and opposes authority? 

As supportive and considerate adults in our children’s lives, we may become concerned about certain behavioral modifications in them during the growing up years. 



The counselor interacts with the children and adolescents on a one on one basis and enables the client to identify the root cause of their problem and reflect on their possible solutions. It is the task of the counselor to make the client self- reliant and not dependent on anyone. 

The treatment plan includes parental education, family or group sessions if required, assertiveness training, anger management through social skills training and positive reinforcement. As per the needs of the behaviour that needs modification, a combination of techniques is used by the Counselor to ensure best results.

“You can’t teach children to behave better by making them feel worse.

When children feel better, they behave better.”


Pam Leo