What is it with people into the SALES profession?
How is it that they get to influence people…..convince people ….to buy their products and services?
Is it their skill set?
Is it their educational qualification or
Is it their energy levels?

The energy with which an individual commits himself to work is surely a strong determinant of one’s successes and achievements. The energy to be assertive, be persistent, be a go-getter, stay strong on conviction….where do salesmen draw this energy from? And how does one direct it into something profound?
The famous psychoanalyst, Carl Jung attributes the reasons for an individual’s behaviour as stimulated by the psychic energy called ‘LIBIDO’ while the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud connotes libido as ‘sexual energy’ driving human behaviour. The desire for sex, hence, is the most dominant of all human desires. The expression of this energy into action gives an individual a sense of ‘kick’ or an ‘aha’ moment due to its pleasurable gratification. And hence it is only human to wish to maximally engage into behaviours that are pleasurable. This is how the biology works. It is in our DNA and so there is nothing wrong in it.

However, with an easy access to sexual stimulation through technology in the current day and age, is it not so simple to get lured by the sex drive and overindulge ourselves into it? Are there ways of managing this psychic energy? Can we use it in productive ways rather than get consumed by it? Do salesmen use their psychic energies to optimise their sales? We need to remember that this energy is limitless and hence when redirected it can convert a human into a money making machine!
Napoleon Hill writes in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, that sexual energy has the power to be transmuted into something productive, something creative, something that can enable an individual to convince others . This energy gives rise to a sense of personal magnetism and it is through this charisma that people in the Sales profile may end up making mind blowing careers because to them satisfying their need for conquest over the other is the priority.

Hence as per Hill’s analysis the desire for sexual expression is natural and so must not be eliminated. “A river may be dammed and its water controlled for a time, but eventually it will force an outlet”, says Hill. Hence, why not take the opportunity to transmute this irresistible force and experience the status of a genius by transforming :
• Charisma into Creativity;
• Personal magnetism into Productivity and ultimately
• Sexual Energy to Sales Energy

Now let us try to consider the genius men in other professional domains like art, architecture, scientific invention or education: have not all of them been driven by the immense influence of women? Does this concept resound with any of your experiences?