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Aneesha Badhwar

Dr. Aastha Sachdeva has been a wonderful mentor and a counsellor to me when I had adjustment problems. From helping in college applications to dealing with personal issues, she’s been there for me and I’m extremely thankful for that.


Alina Khan

In the final two high school years, stress  and anxiety was almost at the highest level. Fortunately, I had Dr. Aastha to count on as a counsellor, who listened to me and helped me out with both kind of problems namely personal and academic. She helped me to believe in my own abilities and push my limits to achieve the same.


Medha Saharya

Aastha ma'am has always been approachable. Whatever issues I discussed with her, she heard and understood me well.  By compassionately listening to me she guided me in the process of identifying and achieving my goals. I have been lucky to have her support consistently till date. She's a source of inspiration to me.  Through her empathetic skills, she really has a way of connecting with people.


Pranav Dadhich

I just felt that I could open up to you about my most personal family concerns. You saw me cry in between classes, saw me at my weakest. But, yet you knew what would cheer me up. You knew what I needed to do in that situation to not only stay strong, but get past those mental burdens.

From being a mother figure, to making me understand the basics as well as the intricate details of a vast subject known as psychology, you have been a friend and a guide.

You were way more than a counselor, you were an all in one package. ♥


Astha Gupta

I had shifted from Gurgaon to Noida in 11th class, hence changed my school as well. I had a problem settling in with the norms and culture of the new school. Aastha Ma'am always understood what I was going through. I could always talk it out to her if I didn't understand certain workings in the school and she would counsel me in a way that I could perceive and understand better and survive the school in the little time that was left. She was always considerate about my future and used to keep on updating with latest information regarding the same.


Aishwarya Singh

Joining a new school, that too in the last two years of school life is a big challenge specially for someone like me who is quite an introvert. Aastha ma’am really helped me through that time by her counselling. Even if it was just general questions about my life and how i was liking it in that school it gave me a sense of comfort. Psychology was one of my weak subjects and the time and effort she had put in to make me believe in myself and helped me score well-that  was an extremely commendable. Finding a friendly guide in her really made these two years less stressful for me.


Anisha Tyagi

Aastha Ma'am was incredibly helpful as i approached college applications for study in the U.S. I would not have been able to do it without her advice and support.


Vatsla Bagai

Aastha Ma'am had always received me with a comforting smile and warmth. Rather than being preachy, which often as a teenager, one might now want to hear, she offered an open ear and a valuable advice always. She had been a mentor, a guide and a constant source of inspiration.