There is an inner voice that calls her out and says
What are you doing dear woman, where is that eternal grace
The grace of a daughter so stress free
That shone and flew with perfect glee
The grace of the sister so naughty
That robbed siblings wardrobe plenty
The grace of a princess so beautiful
Who also made decisions insightful
The grace of a spinster so carefree
For whom life had been a blissful journey
The grace of a human so relaxed
Into her interests, others, she could coax

She introspects and listens
to the inner voice that questions

The pious woman who sobered
Over the years, whom people manoeuvred
She said here I am with all the grace and charm
Roles have changed but I have been here with all the calm
Resting through the sleepless nights
Dreaming of my kids achieving heights
Catering to the husbands’ needs
Cooking some sumptuous meals
Charging ahead with invincible strength
Through laundry and household errand

The grace is all here and now
In the woman’s commitment and vow
To live up to the demands of home
Or play the professional role
She stretches herself beyond the limits
With her toddler, engages into gimmicks
The adolescent crises it maybe
She resolves it all beautifully
She supports her kids when they’re adults
Her grand kids she happily nurtures
The staple and pickle are still her chore
Happily She carries everyone ashore
For it is this pious caregiver who knows
The passion in love and nurturance in her soul
She may be lean cos she ignored her diet
Or may have gained cos of overeating when tired
She may conceal her dark circles with make up
For social acceptance alone she may show up
For ceremonies and rituals she’s meticulous
Theist or atheist, she executes them with perseverance
Undeterred she works in order or clamour
Masks her exhaustion with made up glamour
However the beauty is there inside out
Dawn through dusk she works no doubt
Withers away herself round the clock
Discipline and love she knows it all

Seeing all this the inner voice echoes
Hey woman why bind yourself in tough ethos
Your grace is yours and yours alone
You are truly a human in control
Accept and love thyself for who you are
Impeccable robustness has brought you afar!