Demystifying Life through Change


Life sometimes seems like an onset of a storm….the storm that calls out to our innate devils…full of daunting challenges, complexities of situations and an unending whirlwind of change. Guided by experiences which are irreversibly fragmenting and traumatic in nature an individual undergoes an immutable process of degeneration. Having gone through such tribulations, one feels one has lost the zeal with which to live one’s life hopefully and courageously. At this point in time a reality hits….reality which in itself is dynamic in nature, reality which is so subjective in nature but for sure this is an eternal reality which calls out for a ‘Change’. Though change is a way of life and without seeking to adapt to the changes in the environment one would become a total misfit; yet sometimes life brings you to situations when you wish the demystification of the perplexities would happen automatically than involving any manual effort.


The survival of the fittest is a law guiding life in the universe and hence if one fails to shape and select the environment as per the needs of the time, one may undergo an inability to look for meaningfulness in one’s life. The individual who is unable to adapt to his environment or unable to shape it may be termed as low on intelligence according to certain theoretical propositions as his potential to exploit the environment to the best has not been realized. Just like in the commercial world Nokia as a company could not survive the market because there was someone else who adapted to the needs of the hour and evolved with better technology, similarly the human life also gets submerged into one’s limiting self if one fails to learn and change with the needs of one’s environment versus the others out there. At the time of a press conference when Nokia’s identity was being diluted with Microsoft, the Nokia CEO said, ‘we did not do anything wrong but somehow we lost’. This is just one example of a situation when an organization failing to understand the need for learning and evolving completely lost the possibility of its survival.


Our environment has umpteen numbers of such examples. However, there are also such examples of great men who never started their lives with great inheritance. They however, understood that adversities only enabled them to diagnose what needed to be rectified in their lives. Struggles only temporarily hid beneath them an inherent potential for growth and expansion. These are the times when one needs to follow the instinctual goals and create opportunities to perceive one’s dormant embryonic abilities with the changing scenarios.


Ever since the big bang happened the universe operated as per the law of gravity, however as time passed it was Newton who took the credit for it; as discovery of scientific discipline was the felt need of time. Aryabhatta’s discovery of the ‘zero’ was revolutionary and created history in the world of Mathematics. Had he not introduced the concept, the history of Mathematics discipline would have been far from human comprehension in the present world.

It is thus rightly said that change is a way of life. This is the only thing that is permanent and rest of it just follows. Hence it is the responsibility of each human life to discover what the environment demands from it; how he can in the most efficient manner live up to those demands and if need be how he can develop a skill set that would enable him to adapt to the needs of the changing times. It is this development of skills that enables the self-realization process and hence from great adversity emerges a stronger self of an individual. We are all the prisoners of our environment as we succumb to it when faced with the most formidable situations.   The one and only way to liberate from this imprisonment is to optimize our abilities towards achieving a purpose in life that enables us to create value out of each moment. This progression may not be easy and hence it may take long for the results to manifest but in any case ultimately it is this process of self-development that leads to existential healing and enables meaning making to happen once again after the vexing times. Just like a butterfly needs to undergo great struggle at the time of its birth to break open from the cocoon so that its wings can receive fluid from its body and get it ready for flight, similarly human life is at times faced with such struggles. These hardships which require us to undergo a change are actually preparing us to fly higher up and achieve our utmost potentials.


As Henri Bergson correctly puts it, “to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”. So for the human existence to continue to be fruitful in the relevant context it is important to understand that if an individual wishes to open new doors, s/he needs to change the old ways of living life and venture into the world of novel opportunities.