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Even though the Counseling and therapeutic approaches can be clearly categorized into various types, yet for the purpose of achieving best results for the clients, Dr. Aastha uses an eclectic approach. This approach provides an opportunity to customize the techniques of Counseling to fit into the unique needs of each client.

The Counselor uses a combination of directive and non-directive methods while altering between the active and passive roles in a well-balanced manner. By identifying the causes of the clients’ concerns and determining their probable effects, the Counselor combines techniques for behaviour and thought modification.

An empathetic and non-judgmental environment is provided by the Counselor to ensure that the client gets an opportunity for a cathartic vent out. The counselor works toward training the client to become self reliant to solve his problems. In the process of thought and behaviour modification the client automatically progresses in the direction of emotional healing as well.

The Counselor’s hands on training in using various behaviour modification and cognitive restructuring techniques have enabled her to create satisfied clients over the years.

Our Work

Students at a D.U College practicing relaxation techniques for Stress Relief


Training Session For Teachers On Developing Thinking Skills In Students