3 P’s: The Talisman of Progressive life

Are you following the talisman for a progressive life? Check out on the 3 P’s that ensure you of a forward movement.

1. PRESENT- An intentional focus and attention to the present is the key determining factor to taking a step forward towards progress. The present moment leads an individual to an awakening that he is neither the victim of the stressors gone by nor living in the hopelessness of the future. The individual’s satisfaction, happiness or the state of being is not contingent upon the rewards expected in the future or the misfortune that lay on him in the past.
How to live in the present?
• Non-Judgmental Life: Living in the ‘here and now’ (by practicing deep breathing, yoga and meditation) enables an individual to avoid the mental chatter about one’s actions of the past or the future.

• Self-Control: It is imperative, during crucial moments like dealing with a tough boss, or an alcoholic or abusive family member to be completely conscious of how one responds; as mindfulness about the present moment inoculates people against aggressive and volatile impulses.

• Acceptance: Acceptance of the present feelings and thoughts means accepting them as they are without the necessity of believing them or letting them guide you towards maladaptive behaviour.

2. POSITIVE – If you wish to overcome the sufferings or the challenges that life poses to you, one choice that you always have is to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.
How to look at the positive side of things?
• Positive affirmations: Say positive affirmations about yourself, about the others in your environment and about the general world around. “I am strong and powerful”. “The people around there are in support of me.” Make sure these affirmations are in the present moment and as specific as possible.

• Humour: The ability to look for lighter moments amidst struggles enables an individual to foster positivity in the present moment. One need not be a stand-up comedian but just some well-placed humour can resound positivity in the environment.

• Positive social network: It is vital for an individual to identify if any social group or friend is having a negative impact on them and then try to let go of such unhealthy ties. While at the same time it is crucial for an individual to invest on healthy, positive and nurturing people and relationships to ensure positivity, focus and positive mental health. Watch what you feed your heart and mind with and if you have to take social risks for that purpose you better take such risks of getting to familiarize yourself with new people in voluntary organizations, recreational clubs, sports clubs etc. and let go of the one’s that are being unhelpful to you.

3. PRODUCTIVE: In addition to an effective execution of a to do list on a day to day basis, being productive also implies feeling rejuvenated in the process of optimally utilizing one’s time and potential. It is only natural for an impulsive colleague to bother you with a spicy bit of information as soon as he hears it or for you to get distracted with a random discussion happening 3 workstations away.
How to ensure maximum productivity during the day?
• At work: Minimize distractions, whether it means switching off extra apps on the phone, notifications of the social networking sites, preparing and checking off your priority list, breaking down tasks into smaller chunks or using the headphones to avoid getting distracted by unnecessary gossip at the neighbouring desk. Determine your own break time and be assertive enough to let your colleagues know of it clearly.

• Personal growth, adventure or rejuvenation: Being productive doesn’t necessarily imply being engaged into official work or work that leads to financial benefits. It also includes time for one’s personal mental and physical health management through, deep breathing, meditation, leisure walk, reading for self, painting or dancing for cathartic vent out, cooking for self and family or listening to audiobooks, podcasts or some educational and motivational videos.

• Know your most productive time slot: Identifying the most productive hour of the day really helps to get the major portion of the work done in that hour. Eating the frog first is the rule that applies equally well at workplace as well as for household tasks.

To sum up:
Martin Luther King said, “If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”
Focusing on the present, deliberating on the productivity of your time and all along trying to maintain positivity irrespective of what you are facing in life, are certainly three elements of the talisman towards a PROGRESSIVE life or a life that implies a forward movement.