What happens to your laptop or phone battery when you have been working on it for a few hours? Continuous use of a gadget drains it of its battery. So the battery that has been used up, gets revived by putting the gadget back to charging. However, when in places where you can’t plug in your charger, you try out few other strategies.
Similarly, you sap all your physical, mental and spiritual energy, when your mind and body work continuously. So just like the phone or laptop need to be recharged, you too need to replenish your lost energies. You may be in an environment where it is easy to recharge yourself, but it is highly likely that when in stress, your environment doesn’t facilitate an easy recharge. What do you do in such a situation? In such cases, you are your own PERSONAL POWER BANK! Replenish and recharge yourselves through any activity that is recreational in nature and can be executed there and then.
People vary in their preference for activities that refuel their energies. Taking rest, getting a power nap, going for nature walk, playing with a pet, practicing meditation, deep breathing, muscular relaxation or watching a motivating video or a good read/excerpt from a book can provide you with fresh energy to restart your routine after a short time span.
So, RE-CHARGE yourself for enhanced productivity!
When your laptop or phone suddenly begins to run slower than usual, you turn off the extra apps in your phone or close the extra windows in your laptop. Similarly in life, when there’s too much clutter, too many demands and your body and mind are beginning to lose focus and are unable to concentrate on the task at hand, it’s time for you to turn off those extra distractions.
In an effort to multitask and give our best in every domain of our lives, we forget that after all the human brain is wired to selectively focus upon tasks. Hence, follow the ‘first things first’ principle. Do what needs to be done right then and put the rest away. Setting your priorities right enables the process of optimally utilizing the batteries of your lives.
PRIORITIZE for optimum productivity!
If your gadgets are still not functioning properly despite recharging and putting off the extra and unimportant apps, would you not try switching off the device and restarting it. Something similar is recommended to prevent yourself from entering into, what is termed by Psychologists as the ‘burnout’/exhaustion stage.
Switching off from the negativity in your lives, from the people who pull you down is the key to protecting yourself. You could recognize that there is negative energy in your environment by identifying if you are surrounded by people who always criticize, blame, complain, act the victim, are prone to self –pity and danger. However, switching off from negative people doesn’t mean disrespecting them, rather it just means taking a plunge into positivity and having gratitude for what you have.
So next time you are faced with a negative situation, try to RECHARGE, PRIORITIZE and RESTART mentally, physically and emotionally.